Things to keep in mind:

Portrait Collections are sold separately from the creative session fee and are listed below. 

Don't forget your viewing appointment is directly after your session to help you

choose only the images you love and the collection that fits your wants and needs.

Average gallery completion time is currently 3 days.

-Book Maternity and Newborn together and get a complimentary custom printable birth announcement.

-This fee is due to book & is non-refundable/non-transferable-
Maternity Photography

Creative Session Fee


This fee covers the cost to produce your session, your photographers time and talent, access to our vast prop collection and client closet, styling of each set and your viewing appointment directly after your session to help you choose your images.

With each life created we get this one opportunity to celebrate what we are capable of!

I want to show YOU just how incredible you are by giving these images an emotive feel and bringing out your inner goddess.

one day in the years to come your child will get to look back on these and see how much their life was celebrated!

Family is always included at no added cost!

Payment Plans with After Pay


Portrait Collections

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Professionally Printed Product

We care about what you hang in your home and want to be sure you get only the highest quality products. Archival quality that will last your family for generations to come. Every product we offer is top of the line and backed by our quality guarantee. We like to consider ourselves a one stop shop for all of your printing needs!

Jessica Rae Portraits Product Line

All products are in studio for you to touch and see before you buy.

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Jessica Rae Portraits Milk Bath Photography
Maternity Photography
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity Photography
Jessica Rae Portraits Milk Bath
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity
Jessica Rae Portraits Milk Bath Photography
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity
Jessica Rae Portraits Baby Milk Bath
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity Certification
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity
Maternity Photography
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity Milk Bath
Jessica Rae Portraits Maternity

What week of pregnancy should I take maternity photos?

Generally speaking, with a single baby pregnancy its best to shoot 32-35 weeks along. If you are high risk or carrying multiples it's best to book for earlier. Triplets + should be done closer to 20-24 weeks to be on the safe side. Usually you should book much sooner to ensure available dates.

What should I wear for my maternity session?

I would say most professional photographers have a client closet included with the session fee and can give style guidance, however if you aren't hiring a professional, stick to clothes that hug your curves and do not have patterns and logos on them. Also soft neutral colors photograph best.

What is a Professional Luxury Photographer?

A Luxury Photographer usually goes above and beyond the average service and editing style that you'd get from a typical photographer. We give full service and only offer high end products, props and wardrobe options. Editing goes beyond the typical, by tending to each detail on a each photo from corner to corner. Nothing goes untouched. It's not about changing your appearance but more about perfecting your look and has more of an artistic feel than your average Portrait.

-Maternity sessions are best done between 32-35 weeks gestation unless you are high risk or carrying multiples-

-If you have special circumstances like high risk maternity or are carrying multiple babies please reach out first-

-If possible its best book your maternity by 24 weeks gestation & your newborn by 34 weeks to ensure availability-

-I do take last minute maternity & newborn bookings but only if there is availability-

Booking is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


STEP 1 - Read all session info for the session you'd like to book.

STEP 2 - Select which type of session you are needing done at the link below, and choose a date/time that works best for you!

STEP 3 - Check your email for your session proposal, fill it out, sign the contract & pay your session fee.

*Note that this fee is non-refundable & non transferable. (Exceptions for early/late labor, newborn and illness only)*


I will reach out to discuss your session so I can get to planning!

-If you do not see your session type or aren't sure what to pick, please reach out and we can discuss your needs-

Birth Story Info and Inquiry Below

Jessica Rae Birth Story

Ask your Midwife about a gift voucher for your birth story!

We will set up a complimentary consultation to go over everything and see if we are a good fit for you and your family!